Case Study:
La Fuente
**This café and classifieds project was closed in March 2015 in order to return to my normal freelance business.

September 18, 2014
2 months ago, I had no idea my own surprise; what I would produce in the last 5 weeks...

5 weeks ago I paid first months rent on a 3 month lease of a small commercial space in a great location, with barely a budget.

The original idea was to merge my office with a cafe; to meet people, practice Spanish, find new clients (or let them find me), and make a few soles for basic daily food expenses. Yeah, freelance has always been "feast or famine," and now i just want... at least the option to feast.

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It was suggested to me that I get at least a 1 year lease. However, when I was only offered 3 months, I knew the pressure was on. I'd have to build something that benefited from the high traffic and beautiful location in a short time, yet be able to maintain an identity in case of a sudden move.

The solution was 1st, offer the daily practicality and preparation to myself and others of good coffee, juice, and healthy food. 2nd, was to make a recognizable brand, with a valuable service to anyone in the local community. And 3rd, to facilitate connecting with more referrals for my web design, graphics, & multi-media freelance business.

I am happy with the overall progress and results which is:
  • a new cafe with a daily clientele
  • as of today, a first user placed ad on the classified website
  • and via a cafe customers; new web and graphic clients!
  • PLUS.

Week 1: Painting and Purchase of Bar, Tables, Stools, etc..
Week 2: Open for coffee, Made to order fresh squeezed Orange Juice, light breakfast items, Name & Logo Created, Domain Purchased
Week 3: Wifi installed, Lot's of Drama
Week 4: Signage Posted, enjoying regular clientele, new friends, and happy neighbors.
Week 5: New Computer in office, Online Classifieds Website Preliminary launch